>Expanding Business

>Economy is progressively rising again, and new business opportunities are surfacing.

Henceforth, and if you haven’t noticed yet, the frequent contact I have with Erasmus students in my city have led to the broadening of what JFM Photo has to offer.
Namely, novelty souvenirs!

Expanding Business

These license plates are the first step.

If you care about the strobist info, peer in…

 So, first things first.
Since I’m advertising a product, I need a product photo.

Easiest way to do it: seamless background. In my case, overblown white paper.

Now something is playing in my favor.
The license plates are, by definition, highly contrasty. This allows to overblow the overall background and the plate background, keeping the essential details.
So, it’s all about angles of light, to prevent the specular reflections that would kill all the detail. However, to keep it interesting, and having two equal plates, the bottom one does catch those speculars, adding a bit of reflection without becoming distracting.
Also, eliminating all the shadows felt unnecessary. They give a sense of deepness that I enjoyed.

Long story short, SB-24 on a shoot-thru ‘brolly, silver reflector to even-out light distribution a bit, spare battery keeping “main” plate vertical, and we’re done.
All prepped in about 5mins.

Expanding Business (setup)

See you next time, and sorry for the lack of updates.