The spanish national footbal team performed a hat trick last sunday, and earned my compliments.

After the (very) notable accomplishment of taking home the champions cup in Euro2008 and the 2012 World series, they entered the pages of history by taking the Euro2012 as well, being the only European team to win three major tournaments in a row. [source:Wikipedia]

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Since Kiev is a bit far away for most folks, people had to watch the game on TV/coffee shops/plazas, and celebrate wherever they were.
Oh, and celebrate they did…


One thing you can always take for granted from the good peoples of Spain: They party like there’s no tomorrow!
All the ones here in Lisbon went crazy.

Even crazy enough to dive into the fountains; which have the dirtiest water outside of a sewage treatment plant.
Look how much they care.

And with their wacky antics and sheer joy, everyone else was celebrating with them. Well, except the Italians.

Speaking about the Squadra Azzurra fans, they were treated with 90 minutes of pain as they watched their team get steamrolled by the spaniards until the very last whistle, always hoping for just one italian goal (for honor’s sake), which sadly never came.


4-0 for the Spanish team.
Still, some victories are more important than football.

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