1k “friends”in FB means only one thing: people are adding me because of my pics. Which leads me to believe *you* like’em, and it makes me feel good.

But, alas, this means that in some time, I’ll have my personal account filled with people I don’t know.
As such, I’m moving to something new: a dedicated FB page just for pics. You can find it here.
(It’s still in the making, forgive the spartan-look)

Also, from now on, I won’t be accepting any new friends I don’t know in person, sorry.

See you later…

>Returning Home

>20-04-2010: The day when families reunited, after the ashes of Eyjafjallajokull started to settle down.
Returning home I
On this tuesday, hundreds of airplanes were back up in the skies of central Europe and Scandinavia, after the ashes from the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption cleared the Troposphere, were commercial airspace is located.

This meant that stranded air-travelers finally got a chance to return home without resorting to common land transports.

More, after the jump.

Returning home II

Here in Portugal, we were lucky enough to avoid the volcanic ash clouds, hazardous to aircraft engines, so flights to Africa and America had no restriction, as well as in Madrid, Spain.

However, hundreds of tourists and businessmen went through a lighter version of “The Terminal” this last week, having no way to return fly back to their families and jobs.
Some of the more wealthy and better connected ones managed to secure a seat in the trains and buses, and a few more resilient even came by taxi.
Returning home VIII

Finally some flights were cleared to take off, bringing these people back home, where commotion and relief from their loved ones awaited them.
Returning home III Returning home IV Returning home V

Regular flights were only resumed today, thursday, still leaving lots of people grounded in the meantime.
Returning home VI Returning home VII

It’s amazing to realize how a victimless disaster can have such an impact.

>Thanks, Karma-2009!

>So, 2009 is bye-bye…

X-mas gifts!

Great year, I must say!

Go on in, you won’t regret it.

So, why the presents pics again? It pretty much sums up all of the great stuff that happened this year: Got my baby, and whole lot of gear to have fun with it.

Yes, for me this was, in fact, the Year of The Shooter! (the first, I hope)

I learned a lot this year, light-wise. The merit goes to David at Strobist, the best strobe-master alive!
Also, a million thanks to Udi and the community of DIY Photography, for teaching how to subdue light when on a buck.

Other great stuff online:
Squeeze The Lime
Scott Kelby’s blog
Joe McNally’s blog (light me, Numnuts!)

Ok, enough of this! Thanks to Nikon, for having the best photo system money can buy!

And now, some of my favourite pics: (The ones already on Flickr. Too lazy to look for the rest right now!)

Get me there, please! So, what about this pic? Not a very fancy pic, but one of the first ones to really be properly lit. A page turner in my shooting style!
Also, mixed techniques to get it done…

DSC_8322 [1280x768 FFM] What’s about this pic: It shows two important things that happened this year. I joined my college’s student’s association (AEIST) and ESN Lisboa. This allowed me to get a lot more opportunities to shoot, many great people to be my photo guinea pigs subjects, and great places to go with them.

 DSC_8620 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_9184

So, again, Thanks for everything, 2009! You’ve been a great year, and 2010 will have a tough time keeping up!

Also, thanks to Cracked for bringing a smile to my face everyday!

>After assignment chillout

>Good stuff
So, the assignment on thursday friday went well, despite the fact that I got lost, and that costed valuable shooting time. Still, nice pics were done.
Unfortunately, you won’t see them until they are published, only that test shot at left.

After the actual shoot, and about an hour in Lightroom tunning the brightness and contrast,  time to throw’em online somewhere, so the mag can access them.

This was a problem -or, more like 4gb of problems- but I discovered Windows Skydrive offers 25gb of online storage, absolutely free!
The downside? Each file (like, say, a WinRar .part file) must be smaller than 50mb or it won’t upload.

Still, not a bad option if you need some serious bulk space to throw stuff online.

In other news: After this is done, all the pending pics will be attended.

See you in a couple of days…

>"Marathon" pt.1 complete, and an Assignment! (Updated)


DSC_9337 This was a tiresome stretch… Almost no sleep since tuesday morning, very wet outside, and adding insult to injury: it’s cold as a witch’s breast!

But then again, I have a shoot to make! More, inside.
First things first: The semester is coming to an end. It’s holiday season, people are caroling and stores have crazy x-mas sales that are gouging us more than a couple of months ago. Anyways….

This means that all the Erasmus are going back home to their families, and a lot of ’em are not coming back. So this is THE insane week in night parties.
The pics are not too fancy: stick a DIY Omni-bounce on a SB-24, and off goes my D80. Just press the button enough times, and you’re done Monkey-Man!

But that’s the beauty of it: you don’t have to be great. Just BE (there)!
Shooting an Omni on-camera or on-camera bounce is not rocket science, and the result is not great. But people are grateful  that you’re there, turning moments into memories. And there’s the bonus of meeting hundreds (literally!) of new people.


But I’m loosing the subject here.
So, after a crazy night tuesday, I went downtown, trying to find a PC-cord smaller than 10″ to plug my Cactus triggers into the SB-24s with a “pro-look”.
Totally useless. I went in about 5 photo stores and 6 electronic and audio components ones, and NOTHING! (Seems like the Internet has to save the day again)

If it wasn’t for the great clouded sky (giving me a city-sized softbox to play), I’d have gotten really pissed.
Oh, and did I mention my knee was hurting, making every mile I walked a painful experience?

Anyways, some goodies, and more on Flicrk, as usual.

DSC_9308 DSC_9320 DSC_9312 DSC_9323 DSC_9322 DSC_9331 Emergency! DSC_9316

As for the assignment today tomorrow:
(Update: the shoot got postponed for tomorrow, friday)

So, there is this guy on Erasmus I know, that “studies” surf here in PT, and there is a Belgian surf magazine that wants a story about that. Solving that simple equation, I’ll be shooting the pics for it in Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (FMH) today.

We’re supposed to start around 5:30pm 12:30, and it’ll be all done indoors, because the waves are in killer-mode this time of the year. (And it’s cold outside. And rainy too!)
I’m approaching this assignment with three (3) strobes, two on RF-triggers and the other in dumb-optical slave.
I’ll be hauling all the gear I believe necessary, so you can relax: I’m not gonna ask you to borrow me anything.
If you want to show up, feel free to!
We’ll turn an editorial shoot into a brainstorm/workshop, and we can grab a few beers by the end.

My contacts are on facebook, so if you’re interested, don’t be a stranger!
We already made a pre-shoot with the Carver-board, check it :

DSC_8949 [1600x1200 JFM] DSC_8939 [1600x1200 JFM] DSC_8950 [1600x1200 JFM] DSC_8955 [1600x1200 JFM] DSC_8970 [1600x1200 JFM] DSC_8981 [1600x1200 JFM] DSC_8987 [1600x1200 JFM] DSC_8976 [1600x1200 JFM]

>A Capital do Sacro Império Romano-Germânico

>DSC_8525 [1280x768 FFM]Faz hoje uma semana que voltámos de Espanha.
Pena, não me importava de ter ficado mais tempo por terras dos nuestros hermanos

Foi engraçado voltar às terras de Carlos V. Sobretudo porque fui com um grupo de Erasmus (ligeiramente) mais novos que eu, e não como turista “tanso” com a familia toda atrás.

Mais, depois do Salto…

Sexta feira à noite, depois de alguns precalços com o Ibiza alugado e de meia-hora à espera pelo Escovinha, lá estávamos na Alameda a carregar a minha Boogie-Van, mais a Vito e o Punto de substituição, e a ver quem vinha na viagem ou não.
Devo dizer que fiquei surpreendido com eles; apesar de já conhecer alguns, fiquei com fraca impressão do grupo, algo que mais tarde se veio a revelar totalmente sem fundamento.

No nosso itenerário estava previsto saírmos às 11 da noite, por isso quase às 2 da manhã lá nos pusemos a caminho para a ponte, comigo a liderar pela primeira vez um “comboio” de estrada…

Viagem que se faz bem. Aconselho, pelas paisagens e bodegas do caminho, e as aventuras de encontrar estações de serviço fora das Autovias.
Simplesmente não façam como o nosso grupo de idiotas, que viajámos durante a noite! Com tanto nevoeiro, e tão denso, que por alturas me senti a pilotar um submarino e não uma carrinha.

DSC_8276 [1280x768 FFM]

Enfim, levados à porta do Cat’s Hostel pelo GPS às 10:30CET (depois de um pequeno-almoço improvisado nos jardins do Palácio Real), o nosso grupo só teve de esperar mais duas horas enquanto batalhámos(“-ram”, que eu parei à porta!) para estacionar as carrinhas, e descobrir que no centro de Madrid uma hora de parquimetro custa uns obscenos €2,10, e um dia de parque vos deixará €28 mais leves.

DSC_8297 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8322 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8301 [1280x768 FFM]

Mas enfim, Madrid continuava no mesmo sitio, capital digna de um império, onde a classe e o espírito cosmopolita salta imediatamente à vista, enquanto se passeia pelas Plazas e Calles.

DSC_8303 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8307 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8330 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8363 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8416 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8385 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8368 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8531 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8539 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8554 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8577 [1280x768 FFM]

Óptimo também andar a comer todas as porcarias e mais uma que já não se encontram facilmente cá no burgo, como bocadillos e torresmos a sério, e finalmente sair à noite madrilena, a ver o que valia.

DSC_8340 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8421 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8402 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8620 [1280x768 FFM]

Duas noites de festa, muitos quilómetros palmilhados de maneira “verde” (às custas do melhor etanol!), e muitas fotos depois, hora de fazer o check-out e rumar a Toledo.

DSC_8632 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8639 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8676 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8681 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8699 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8644 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8661 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8663 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8717 [1280x768 FFM]

Finalmente o grupo pôde ver a bonita paisagem da Estremadura castelhana, e tudo em Toledo foi mais simples que Madrid. De novo se comeu bem, o comércio local, baseado na longa história bélica da cidade, mostrava as suas “pérolas” com dezenas de artífices dos melhores aços a nivel mundial.
Desventuras à parte com as guias da junta de turismo, lá chegámos ao ultimo jantar, que graças aos Céus não foi paella.

A viagem de volta foi das melhores partes, pois tirando a directa a que nos obrigou, levou-nos a sitios bem mais interessantes, como bodegas em Badajoz, passagem estratégica ao lado do centro histórico de Évora, e bifanas em Vendas-Novas. (O Raínha estava fechado, o que foi lamentável…)

DSC_8629 [1280x768 FFM] DSC_8733 [1280x768 FFM]

All-in-all, como dizem os Anglo-saxónicos, foi uma boa viagem, com um bom grupo.
Espero pela próxima!

Mais fotos no Flickr.

>So it starts… Welcome!

>Bem parece que está na hora de voltar ao mundo virtual, depois de não sei quantos anos…

Este vai ser, novamente, um espaço para expor ideias, trabalhos e pensamentos, que muito provávelmente terão muito a ver com as fotos que vou fazendo um pouco por todo o lado.

Portanto, fiquem para ver o que isto vai dar! Atendendo à grande quantidade de pessoas de Erasmus que me “seguem” no Facebook, várias entradas serão também traduzidas para inglês…


Well, seems like time to return to the virtual world, after some years…

This will be, again, a place to share ideas, works and thoughts, most likely related to the pics I shoot around.

So stick around! Given the fair amount of Erasmus people that “stalk” me on Facebook, several entries will also be translated to english…

Until nex time, the Hawk has left the building…