>Returning Home

>20-04-2010: The day when families reunited, after the ashes of Eyjafjallajokull started to settle down.
Returning home I
On this tuesday, hundreds of airplanes were back up in the skies of central Europe and Scandinavia, after the ashes from the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption cleared the Troposphere, were commercial airspace is located.

This meant that stranded air-travelers finally got a chance to return home without resorting to common land transports.

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Returning home II

Here in Portugal, we were lucky enough to avoid the volcanic ash clouds, hazardous to aircraft engines, so flights to Africa and America had no restriction, as well as in Madrid, Spain.

However, hundreds of tourists and businessmen went through a lighter version of “The Terminal” this last week, having no way to return fly back to their families and jobs.
Some of the more wealthy and better connected ones managed to secure a seat in the trains and buses, and a few more resilient even came by taxi.
Returning home VIII

Finally some flights were cleared to take off, bringing these people back home, where commotion and relief from their loved ones awaited them.
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Regular flights were only resumed today, thursday, still leaving lots of people grounded in the meantime.
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It’s amazing to realize how a victimless disaster can have such an impact.

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