>These aren’t the Blues you’re looking for…


But worry not, they’re the next best thing.

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Some Background

Back in the 70’s this guy Dan Aykroyd (you might have heard of, or seen him somewhere) was working with this  other guy named John Belushi (ditto) on that one live comedy show broadcasting from NY.

Since both were into the Blues (John only after being introduced to by Dan), they got together with a whole set of other musicians to form The Blues Brothers. “Joliet” Jake Blues and his brother Elwood Blues (aliases of, respectively, John and Dan) released a couple of VERY sucessfull albums, revived the audience’s interest in Blues and Soul music styles and toured the US until Belushi’s early demise in 1982.
After that, severall other artists have been cast to fill in the lead vocals, including John’s brother Jim Belushi and John Goodman, and the band still ocasionally goes on tour, influencing younger generations into the some of the few all-american tunes still popular today.

Back to the Point!

…And their influence has been so great, indeed, that it reached across oceans!
Such an example are The Boogie Brothers, whom I had the privilege to shoot last saturday, at Cinema São Jorge, in Lisboa, PT.

Black suit, black tie, sunglasses and black hat, the original garment of Jake and Elwood, these guys gave a great show.
The moment they started playing the Peter Gun Theme, the boogie was on!


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