This is for you.

One more year on my driver’s license.


When I checked my e-mail, I had about 300 (!!) birthday wishes. That got me thinking about the last few years. (And yes, I do know almost all of you personally)

It has been a veritable rollercoaster ride, filled with joy, successes, some ocasional downturns, and great people with me.

This post (and gallery) is dedicated to all of you, spread around the globe, who I’ll never forget, despite the distance and time we’ve been apart.
You have made (and some continue to make) my life a better place, and it’s a pleasure working with you. None of this would be possible without you.

I only regret not having the time to travel to you more often, and bless the Internet for allowing us to stay in touch.

You are marvelous!
Thank you.


PS: I can’t post all the photos I wanted, or this would be the longest blog post in existence.
If you don’t show up here, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about you. You are just somewhere else…


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